1909 to 1916 Historic Photos of the Utah State Capitol Construction

1909 to 1916 Historic Photos of the Utah State Capitol Construction

In 1909 Richard K. A. Kletting was selected as the Architect to design and oversee the construction of the Utah State Capitol. Over the next six years Kletting worked closely with state leaders and the Capitol Commission to create a truly remarkable icon for the State of Utah.

These sides depict the construction from 1911 to 1916. They reveal the construction techniques, risks and the level of finish. These early builder were pioneers of modern construction techniques using concrete, steel and glass.

2000 Utah State Capitol Building

Utah State Capitol 2000

Prior to begining the work of the Restoration the Utah State Capitol had fallen into general disrepair. It had become warn and tired. The finishes and colors had been drasticly changed over the years to adapt to modern tasts and desires.

These images show the conditions of the capitol in 2000 at the begining of the process.

2001 Capitol Master Plan and Design Guidlines

2001 Capitol Master Plan and Design Guidlines

During 2001 the Capitol Preservation Board authorized the Executive Director to develop a Historic Structures Report and a Master Plan according to the Statute. The master plan was to be a 20 year plan that evaluated the transition of the capitol campus and made recommendations for change. This master plan was to be updated every two years.

Additionally the Executive Director developed a set of design guidelines for new buildings. This became known as “Project Definition” because it defined the project from start to finish. These guidelines and imperatives provided a clear path to accomplish the work both on time and one budget. Therefore the board in 2001 identified both the overall budget for the restoration ($48 million for the Senate and House buildings to be completed in March of 2004, and $212 million for the Capitol Restoration to be completed on January 4, 2008 statehood day for the state of Utah.)

Every goal was achieved!

The photos in this sections are images for master plans and renderings that were done in the process of developing the guidelines and imperatives.

2002 Phase One - Demolition of the Plaza and Construction of the Senate and House Building

2002 - Phase One Demoliton and Construction of the Senate and House Buildings

Demolition began in 2002 with the removal of the existing plaza landscaping and the “Old Round House” which served as the dinning facility from 1959 to 2002.

Once the plaza was cleared of plant material and building debris the work of reinforcing the existing parking structure began. At the same time construction began on what would be come known as Phase two or the Senate and House buildings.

These photos depict the demolition of the Round House as well as work on both the parking structure reinforcement and the excavation of the Senate and House buildings.
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